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NVR/Basic Setup/Add Multi Sensor Dahua IP Camera

Adding dual-Sensor Dahua IP camera to Dahua NVR


Dahua has several dual-sensor cameras which provide more than one image through the same IP address. This has the benefit of limiting hardware requirements for installations while still providing the same or potentially more coverage depending on the model of camera and configuration. In this article we will cover how to add the additional channels to the NVR and what to avoid in the process to prevent issues.

Getting Started

To get the process started, you will need to have gone through the initialization set-up of the NVR.

Make sure the system is powered on and has a local monitor and mouse connected for easy configuration; have your camera mounted with cable run to the NVR or on hand with the NVR and a patch cable to connect it to the system. For this tutorial, we are using dual lens camera model HDBW4231F-E2-M

Step by Step Instruction

1. After the NVR has been initialized, connect the multi-sensor camera to one of the built-in POE switch port on the back of the NVR.

2. Once the camera is connected the first video stream should appear automatically on the channel related to the port to which it was connected.

3. Go to Camera Registration Menu.

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4. You will find your multi-sensor camera online when you have them connected to built-in POE switch on the back of the NVR.

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5. Write down the IP address, and port number of that camera. On this tutorial, the IP address is, and port number 4001.

6. To connect the remaining stream from the camera, click on Manual Add and enter the IP address and login information for the camera.

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7. Under Channel No. set the value to 2 and click Setup.

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5. Under Setup pop-up menu you will see a list of available channels from the camera; deselect Number 1 as this will be the channel that was added automatically.

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6. Click OK to save channel options and in the Manual Add screen, then click OK to add the channel.

7. You should now see all video streams from the camera.

Ideally you should avoid using the port that the additional channel is mapped to. If a camera is connected to the port of the mapped channel you will receive a prompt after reboots asking if you would like to replace the channel with the device attached to the port.