New GUI/Adding Additional Raid Group

How to Add Additional RAID Group


This guide will demonstrate how to add additional RAID group.


Enough hard drives to create the desired RAID.

How-to Video

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Step by Step Instructions

1. Select the "Setting" and go to "Storage"

1. createRaid.png

2. Click on "Disk Manager" to Review the current Raid and the available Disks Verify the "Health Status" of those new added Disks

2. createRaid.png

3. Once everything is correct, select the "RAID" tab and make sure Raid/Disks Info will show on this page as well.

3. createRaid review raid info.png

4. Select the available Disks, verify the Raid Type, and click "Manual Create" at the bottom of the Page.

4. createRaid select disks.png

5. Once Confirmed the Raid Type and the selected Disks, please clicked "OK" and all the selected Disks Data Will be Erase due to creating a new Raid Group.

5. CreateRaid Cleared Data.png

6. Once the new Raid Group is created, it will show under the "RAID" Tab Section.

6. createRaid newRaid Creates.png