Tech Support Newsletter-2019 Quarter 1

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New SmartPSS Version 2.002.8 Released

Version Download Links
SmartPSS Latest SmartPSS 2.003
Project Name: SmartPSS
Version V2.002.0000008
Base Platform V2.002.0000007
Operation Platform Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10(32/64 bit)

New Function

1.Configuration of Statistical Parameters of Number of Binocular Passenger Camera Area

2.Decoder devices support adding multiple TV walls

3.Decoder Device Supports Network Channel Wall

4.Attendance module adds first-in and last-out reports in report query

5.Attendance module adds the function of neglecting attendance record in N minutes

6.Attendance module adds support for custom attendance events

7.32 segmentation is added, and 36 segmentation is supported by custom module.

8.Face database information such as ID card and name support multi-channel and multi-face database query, modification and deletion

9.Because of equipment problems, NVR and DVR equipment shielding intelligent analysis module.

10.Shielded Video Talk module.

Migration to New Telephony Platform

Avaya Logo.jpg

Dahua Technology USA's Technical Support Department's phone system migrated away from Mitel, to a much more reliable Avaya phone system on March 28, 2019. This new phone system will provide better reporting, and communication with our customers. This will allow us to resolve more tickets, in less time.

Name Department Phone Number Email
Dahua North America-Technical Support Technical Support 877.606.1590
Dahua North America-Dealer Line Technical Support 866.302.6735
Dahua North America-Internal Only Tech Support Technical Support 866.302.6735
Lorex Technical Support Technical Support 877.755.6739
Empower Technical Support Technical Support 949.204.3226
LeChange Technical Support Technical Support 800.883.4120
ADT (Alpha) Technical Support Technical Support 877.609.1936

NOTE: The Salesforce integration with Avaya is still pending. Call center will be functioning on limited reporting temporarily until integration is setup and working 100%. We do apologize for any inconvenience or delay.

Specification Sheet Updates

Video Intercom

  • DHI-VTO2111D-WP
  • DHI-VTO1210B
  • DHI-VTO1210C-X
  • DHI-VTO1220BW
  • DHI-VTH1550CH
  • DHI-1550CHW-2
  • DHI-VTH1660CH
  • DHI-VTNS1060A
  • DHI-VTO2000A-2
  • DHI-VTO2000A
  • DHI-VTNC3000A
  • DHI-VTH5221DW / DHI-VTH5221D

FD Removed from Lite & Pro Series Spec Sheets

  • DH-IPC-HDBW4231FN-E2-M
  • N24BN52 / N24BN53
  • N24CG52
  • N24CB33
  • N24CL52
  • 22204TNI
  • 52C230UNI-A
  • 50230UNI
  • 1A203TNI
  • 12203TNI
  • 6CE230UNI
  • N25CB5Z
  • N25CL5Z
  • N44CG52 / N44CL53
  • 6C430UNI
  • 52C430UNI
  • 50430UN
  • 59430UNI
  • N45CB5Z
  • N45CL5Z-B
  • N45CL5Z
  • N55B25
  • N84CG52
  • N84CG54
  • N84CB34
  • N84CL52
  • N84CL54
  • DH-IPC-HFW5831EN-Z5E
  • N85CB5Z
  • N85CL5Z
  • N85CM5Z
  • N45BA5

New Hires

Marques Phillips

Marques Phillips.png

Marques Phillips was born and raised in southern California. He studied English at UCLA but sought a career in technology based on his interest in looking at a screen rather than a book. He started his career in general IT Support but transitioned to the Security Industry a little under 4 years ago. He has worked mainly in a Technical Support role at his former companies: EverFocus and ArecontVision, providing remote and on-site support. He also has experience on the sales side of the industry as a Sales Engineer at EverFocus, responsible for system design, training, marketing, and trade shows.

Title: Technical Support Engineer
Department: Technical Support
Working Location: Irvine, CA
Entry Date: 03/25/19

Bug Report

  • SmartPSS Playback Jumping or Skipping
  • FLIR+Dahua IPC=Infinite Loop