PFM900 How To Charge The Battery

How to Charge the PFM900


  • PFM900
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Powered PoE port (ie PoE switch) or the Supplied Midspan POE Injector

Charging the PFM900

1. Find or setup a PoE (power over ethernet) port. Assuming you don't have a switch that has a PoE port we will setup the Midspan POE Injector

   a. Plug in your ethernet cable into the "Data + POE output port
   b. Plug the AC power cord into the wall and the Midspan POE Injector
   c. (optional) plug your input data cord if you need to charge and also receive data over ethernet

20160301 160823.jpg

   d. if you see this green light on the Midspan POE Injector then you now have a powered PoE port

20160301 160748.jpg

2. Now that you have an Ethernet cable hooked up to a POE port connect it to the PFM900's PD / CHARGE port to charge

20160301 160723.jpg

3. Check the front of the PFM900 to see if the charge indicator light is on.

20160301 160711.jpg