PFM900 How To Test Record and Playback

How to Test Record and Playback with PFM900


Once you have a video input under the ONVIF Test or Analog Camera test do the following:

1. Press the "SCR" button to go to full screen mode. There we will find the option to record the video input

20160301 150854.jpg

2. Now open the button panel to reveal the QWERTY keyboard

20160301 150918.jpg

3. Pressing Z will record the stream/channel, and pressing it again will stop the recording

20160301 151017.jpg

4. After pressing Z for the second time a prompt will tell you "Video record Finished. YEAR-MONTH-DAY_HOUR-MIN-SEC.avi"

20160301 151050.jpg

5. Press MODE to got back to the main screen, and use the arrow buttons to select "Record Playback" and push the right arrow key to access saved video on the PFM900

20160301 151104.jpg

6. This page will display a file explorer where your video will be saved to. Navigate to your folder using the arrow keys and use the right arrow button.

20160301 151121.jpg

7. Now select the clip you want to play with the arrow keys. Press the SCR button to go full screen for more playback options

20160301 151155.jpg 20160301 151331.jpg