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PTZ/SmartPSS 2.0/Tour

How to Setup A Tour in SmartPSS 2.0


The Tour feature allows you to set a up multiple locations for the PTZ to cycle through using already established Pre-Sets.


  • Dahua Network PTZ
  • IP Address of Network PTZ
  • SmartPSS 2.0
  • PTZ added to SmartPSS Device List
  • Several Establish Presets

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Launch SmartPSS.

PTZ Scan SmartPSS2.0 0.png

2. Click, "Liveview"

PTZ Scan SmartPSS2.0 1.png

3. Double click the PTZ on the device list on the left, and double click the video feed to bring the PTZ up full screen.

PTZ Scan SmartPSS2.0 2.png

4. Click, "PTZ"

PTZ Scan SmartPSS2.0 3.png

5. Click, "More Functions" in the lower left.

PTZ Scan SmartPSS2.0 4.png

6. Click, "Tour" in the lower left.

PTZ Scan SmartPSS2.0 5.png

7. Click on the, "Gear" icon.

PTZ Tour SmartPSS2.0 1.png

8. Double click on the preset to select the preset you wish to add to the tour.

PTZ Tour SmartPSS2.0 2.png

9. Click the, "Plus" sign to add another preset to the tour.

PTZ Tour SmartPSS2.0 3.png

10. Change the preset using the drop down.

PTZ Tour SmartPSS2.0 0.png

11. You can modify the amount of time the PTZ is on that preset by double clicking here.

PTZ Tour SmartPSS2.0 4.png

12. Click, "OK" to save the Tour.

13. To activate the tour, click the, "Power" icon.

PTZ Tour SmartPSS1.16 6.png