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SmartPSS/How To Search Client Log

How To Search Client Log In SmartPSS


This article will show you how to search and review the local log in SmartPSS 2.0


Video Instructions

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Step by Step Instructions

Local Recording

1. Launch SmartPSS.

Preset SmartPSS 1.jpg

2. Click Log

How To Search Client Log - 1.jpg

3. This will open the Log menu

How To Search Client Log - 2.jpg

Make sure the 'Client' icon on the left side of the screen is selected, then enter the parameters of the search:

  • Time Range: Click in the Time field to select a date range to search. Please note the maximum is 24 hour range.
  • Log Type: Select the alarm type(System, Operation, Alarm)

Click 'Search' to begin the search.

4. The log information will load in the center of the screen for review. To export this list, click the 'Export' button

How To Search Client Log - 3.jpg

5. A file dialogue window will open, prompting the user where to save the log (.xls format)

How To Search Client Log - 4.jpg

6. Once exported the log can be opened using a program that can read the '.xls' file format

How To Search Client Log - 5.jpg