SmartPSS/Menu/Event Config/Motion Detect

SmartPSS 2.09 - Event Config Setup For MD Window Pop-up


How to enable motion detection via SmartPSS 2.09 for window pop-up


  • SmartPSS installed
  • Recorders or cameras added in SmartPSS

Step by Step Instructions

1. Click "Event Config" on the main menu.
1. Main Menu.PNG

2a. Select the camera by left clicking it once.
2b. Select "Motion Detection" under Channel Event.
2c. Enabled "Motion Detect" once Motion Detect has been selected on the earlier step.
2. Enable MD and Configure Link Video.PNG

3. Click "Link Video" and select the cameras to be added onto the grid boxes.
Tip: If only one camera needs to be added then select one grid box only. Multiple grid boxes can be selected for more cameras.
3. Link Video and Select the Cameras to Link.PNG

4. Once motion is detected, another pop-up windows will appear and show the camera(s)' live views. Please note that if there are more than one camera are selected previously, both cameras will show up regardless of motion on the second camera.
For example, the below image shows both cameras being up but there isn't any motion on the first camera, however, it still shows up due to both cameras are added to the same grid box.

Important notice: If two cameras are setup separately (not on the same grid box), the pop-up windows still shares between them but only one camera can be seen at a time.

4. MD Window Pop-up.PNG