SmartPSS Lite/SmartPSS Lite P2P Setup

Add Dahua Device via P2P on SmartPSS Lite


This article will cover how to add a Dahua device to SmartPSS Lite via P2P


  • Dahua device already initialized
  • SmartPSS Lite installed on a PC

Step by Step Instructions

1. On the local monitor or web interface of the Dahua Device navigate to Network > P2P.
Verify P2P is enabled and the status is "Online".


2. In SmartPSS Lite, click on Home at the top.
Then select Device Manager at the bottom


3. Click on + Add at the top


4. Click on the drop-down below Method to add and select SN(For Device Support P2P).
Enter a name for the device in the field under Device Name.
Enter the serial number of the device in the field under SN.
Enter the username and password for the device in the User Name and Password fields.
Click on Add at the bottom


5. The device will be added to the list.
Verify that the Online Status has a green dot and says "Online"


6. Select the Home tab at the top.
Then click on Monitor on the left.
Select Live View


7. Double-click on the device on the left to pull up the live view of the cameras