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Software/Dahua Toolbox/VDPConfig/Adjust Time

How To Adjust Time Using VDPConfig


This guide will show you how to adjust the time for a video intercom device over a local network using VDPConfig.


Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open DahuaToolbox and click Open next to VDPConfig

Upgrade Firmware - VDPConfig - 1.jpg

2. Discover the device in VDPConfig - How To Discover A Device Using VDPConfig

Modify IP - VDPConfig - 1.jpg

3. Click System Settings section

VDPConfig Adjust Time - 1.jpg

4. Check the box next to the device

VDPConfig Adjust Time - 2.jpg

The time information will be displayed for the device.

To automatically sync the device time with the computer click Sync PC


Enter the desired date & time for the device and click Manual Sync

VDPConfig Adjust Time - 3.jpg

A checkmark will confirm the settings change

VDPConfig Adjust Time - 4.jpg

5. Click Save

VDPConfig Adjust Time - 5.jpg