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How To Modify System Settings In VDPConfig


This guide will show you how to modify the system settings of a device over a local network using VDPConfig

System settings include:

  • Time Settings (Set time, NTP, and DST settings)
  • Device Maintenance (Reboot and Factory Default)
  • Device Password (Modify and reset device password)
  • Alarm Configuration


Step by Step Instructions

1. Open DahuaToolbox and click Open next to VDPConfig

Upgrade Firmware - VDPConfig - 1.jpg

2. Click System Settings (screwdriver & wrench icon) on the left side of the screen

Modify System Settings - VDPConfig - 1.jpg

3. The Search Setting window will appear

Modify System Settings - VDPConfig - 2.jpg

4. Adjust the search parameters to discover the device then click OK


5. Discovered devices will appear in the device tree on the left


6. Click the Expand device tree.jpg (triangle) icon to expand the device list


Check the box next to the device(s) you wish to modify

The message in the center of the screen will display how many devices are currently selected

Timing Settings

Modify System Settings - VDPConfig - 6.jpg


Device Password