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Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Go to the Main Menu

Alarm OutNSUI-1.png

2. Go to Alarm

Alarm OutNSUI-2.png

3. Select Alarm Output on the left menu and place the relay the buzzer is connected to on "auto". Click on apply to save

Alarm OutNSUI-3.png

4. Select Video Detection on the left menu and Enable the event. Click on the setting tab next to Alarm out

Alarm OutNSUI-4.png

5. Make sure it is on and select the Relay the buzzer is wired to. Click OK

Alarm OutNSUI-5.png

6. Check the Alarm Upload box and hit apply to save the configuration

Alarm OutNSUI-6.png

7. Go back to the Main menu and go to Storage

Alarm OutNSUI-7.png

8. Select Schedule on the left menu and click on the "Settings" icon

Alarm OutNSUI-8.png

9. Select Alarm and "All" for all days of the week. Select OK

Alarm OutNSUI-9.png

10. Click on Apply to finalize the settings

Alarm OutNSUI-10.png