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Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Brief Description: We will be setting up an Alarm Buzzer/Strobe light to the alarm output of our Recorder. It will be triggered by a Camera's Motion Detection Event.

1.Go to Main Menu

Alarm Out-1.png

2. Click on Events

Alarm Out-2.png

3. On "Alarm Output" we select the relay our Buzzer is connected to. In this case Relay 1. Click on Apply and then Ok to save.

Alarm Out-3.png

4. Next select "Video Detection" on the left and check the Enable box.
- Check Alarm Out and select the relay the buzzer is connected to
- Check Record Channel and the channel you want to record to when the event it tripped
- Check Snapshot if you'd like to store snapshots

Click on Apply and Ok to save

Alarm Out-4.png

5. Got back to the main menu and select Storage

Alarm Out-5.png

6. Select Schedule on the left menu and click on the "settings" icon. On the pop up menu check "Alarm" and "All" for all days of the week. Hit OK to go back

Alarm Out-6.png Alarm Out-7.png

7. Click on Apply and Ok to save

Alarm Out-8.png