Template:DMSS/Instructions/Add Device and Setup Push Notifications

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open DMSS App then go to Me menu. If the DMSS are not logged, it is required to do so before proceeding to adding the device.

 For How-to instruction on creating Dahua Online Account, Click Here.

DMSS LincX2Pro Login.png

2.Tap on DMSS Icon Live Home.png Home, and tap on + button on the top right hand corner, then choose SN/Scan.

DMSS LincX2Pro Home Add.png

3. Scan the QR code of the device that located on the back of the doorbell.

DMSS LincX2Pro Scan QR.png

4. Make sure your device is connected to the power and the indicator light flashes blue. Tap on Next.

DMSS LincX2Pro Added.png

5. When a prompt comes up, Tap onJoin to continue.

DMSS LincX2Pro Connect Device Wifi.png

6. Setup the device password.

DMSS LincX2Pro Initialize.png

7. Choose the WIFI network the DB11 will be connecting to.

DMSS LincX2Pro Connect.png

7. Enter Wifi password and tap on Next to continue the setup.

DMSS LincX2Pro Enter Wifi Pwd.png

8. Enter the user-defined Device Name. In the example, we use Dahua Doorbell.

DMSS LincX2Pro Device Name.png

9. Finalize the settings to complete the setup.

DMSS LincX2Pro Date.png

10. Select the existing door chime you have at the location. Electronic Chime or Mechanical Chime, or if you are using DS11-USA Wireless door chime, you should see this pop-up under Wireless Chime. Then tap on Save on the bottom.

DMSS LincX2Pro Door Chime.png

11. Once setup is complete, you will be able to view the live view of your Doorbell Camera.

DMSS LincX2Pro Live View.png

12. Go to Me > General. Make sure that the Notification Switch is enabled and now you should receive a call notification when doorbell button is pushed.