Template:Ring Linkage Setup MobileUI New DMSS

Tap on DMSS Icon Live Home.png Home to locate your device list. Select your DB11 device and tap on ... icon.

DMSS Share Device 2.jpg

9. Tap on Device Details.

DMSS Share Device 2-1.jpg

10. Tap on Ring Linkage

DMSS Ring Linkage Setup 10.png

11. Under Link Chime, Tap on the + button to add the Door Chime.

DMSS Ring Linkage Setup 11.png

12. Select either Electronic Chime if you are using an Electronic door chime or Mechanical Chime if you are using a Mechanical door chime.
Then tap on Save on the bottom.

DMSS Ring Linkage Setup 12.png

13. Tap on Save again to complete the setup.

DMSS Ring Linkage Setup 13.png