Thermal/DH-TPC-HT2201/Instructions/Video Search

How to Do a Video Search


This article will cover how to search captured video from the the HT2201.


  • DH-TPC-HT2201
  • A micro SD Card installed and formatted

Micro SD Card MUST be Micro SD HC. Micro SD XC is not compatible.

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. From the home screen press DH-TPC-HT2201 Up Button.jpg to enter the menu screen. From the menu select Video Search and press DH-TPC-HT2201 Power Button.jpg,

VideoSearch 1.jpg

2. Under Video search select View Video and Press DH-TPC-HT2201 Power Button.jpg

VideoSearch 2.jpg

3. Under View Video there will be date stamped folders containing the captured videos for that day. Press DH-TPC-HT2201 Up Button.jpg or DH-TPC-HT2201 Down Button.jpg to select a folder and then press DH-TPC-HT2201 Power Button.jpg

VideoSearch 3.jpg

4. Inside the folders you can select a video and press DH-TPC-HT2201 Power Button.jpg to view.

VideoSearch 4.jpg