Thermal/DHI-ASI7213X-T1/Instructions/Add Access Card to User Account

DHI-ASI7213X-T1 Add Access Card


This guide will cover how to add access card to user account


Video Instruction

Step by Step Instruction

1. Tap on DHI-ASI7213X-T1 Icon Mainmenu.jpg to access the main menu.

2. Login with your admin credential that you created during initialization process.

3. Main menu page will launch.

DHI-ASI7213X-T1 Mainmenu.jpg

4. Tap on User.

DHI-ASI7213X-T1 Mainmenu User.jpg

5. Tap on Admin/User List.

6. Find and Tap on the user account.

7. Tap on Card. And Tap on first card icon.

DHI-ASI7213X-T1 User Card Registration.jpg

 You can register five cards at most for each user. 

8. Enter your card number or swipe your card, and then the card information will be read by the access controller.

9. Once its read, you can Tap on DHI-ASI7213X-T1 Prev.jpg icon.

10. Tap on the DHI-ASI7213X-T1 Icon Checkmark.jpg icon on the top right corner to save it.