Thermal/DHI-ASI7213X-T1/Instructions/Enable Face Privacy

DHI-ASI7213X-T1:Enable Face Privacy


This tutorial allows users to set hide the face of the persons while testing their tempertures.


  • Setup requires to be done via the device's monitor

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Login to the Kiosk device and tap "Features"

1. Features.png

2. Tap "Privacy Setting"

2. Privacy Setting.png

3. Enable "Temperature display" and tap "Face Privacy"

3. Temperature Display and Face Privacy.png

4. Go back to the temperature screen and the face won't be shown

4. Taking Temperature While Face Is Masked.png

5. If a different level of face privacy is disired, it can be set, In this example, we changed from "High" to "Low" so the person's face will shown on screen but it won't expose their face clearly.

5. Setting Face Privacy to Different Level.png

6. Take the temperature again and the person will appear on the screen but it won't be seen clearly.

6. Taking Temperature Again While Face Is Not Fully Masked.png