Thermal/Fire Warning

Fire Warning


The system will give out an alarm once a fire is detected.


  • Dahua device with Fire Warning function - DH-TPC-BF5400N-B7 used for guide

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Enter the IP of the device into a browser (default

At the Web Login

Enter the Username and Password

Click Login

2. Click Setting

Fire Warning Setup - WebUI - 1.jpg

3. Click Smart Thermal > Fire Warning

Fire Warning Setup - WebUI - 2.jpg

4. Check the box to Enable

Fire Warning Setup - WebUI - 3.jpg

5. Select the desired Fire Warning mode:

Fire Warning Setup - WebUI - 4.jpg

  • Anti-jamming: The camera will only detect those objects that are newly high temperature and send off alarms. That means under Anti-jamming mode, a constantly high-temperature object (a boiler/water heater, for example) is excluded
  • High Response: The camera will detect any hidden fire danger and send off alarm

6. Region settings

Select a color in Region color.jpg Each color represents a certain area which you can draw with your left mouse button. You can also give a name to the area you have drawn and set it's sensitivity.

The larger the sensitivity is, the easier a fire will be triggered.

Fire Warning Setup - WebUI - 5.jpg

7. Configure the desired Alarm Parameters for a Fire Warning Event:

Alarm Parameters (Click to expand)

Parameter Description
Period Define a period during which the alarm settings are active.
Duration The shortest time from placing an object in the detection area to an alarm is triggered
Record Enable this function and alarm recording will be triggered when there is an alarm
Record Delay Set a length of time for the Device to delay turning off recording after an alarm is ended.
Relay-out You can connect this relay-out port to such alarm devices as light and siren. When an alarm is triggered, those alarm devices will work.

How To Connect Relay-out

Alarm Delay Set a length of time for the Device to delay turning off alarm after an event is actually complete
Send Email Select the Send Email check box and an e-mail will be delivered to the device user once an alarm is triggered

How To Setup Send Email

PTZ Select the check box of PTZ and select an item from None, Preset, Tour, and Pattern in the Activation bar.

Once an alarm is triggered, the PTZ will execute the item you have selected in the Activation bar

How To Setup PTZ Alarm Linkage

Snapshot Select the Snapshot check box to take a snapshot when there is an alarm.

Fire Warning Setup - WebUI - 6.jpg

8. Click Save

Fire Warning Setup - WebUI - 7.jpg