Thermal/Hot Trace

Hot Trace


You can enable Hot Trace to track spots with the highest temperature and spots with the lowest temperature

Example of High/Low Temperature Points in Live View (WebUI):

Hot trace alarm.gif


  • Dahua device with Hot Trace function - DH-TPC-BF5400N-B7 used for guide

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Enter the IP of the device into a browser (default

At the Web Login

Enter the Username and Password

Click Login

2. Click Setting

Hot Trace Setup - WebUI - 1.jpg

3. Click Smart Thermal > Hot Trace

Hot Trace Setup - WebUI - 2.jpg

4. Check the box to Enable

Hot Trace Setup - WebUI - 3.jpg

5. Select the desired Color Mode:

  • Auto: Select colors for the highest/lowest temperature automatically according to surveillance images

Hot Trace Setup - WebUI - 4.jpg

  • Manual: Define colors for the highest/lowest temperature:

Hot Trace Setup - WebUI - 4-1.jpg

6. Click Save

Hot Trace Setup - WebUI - 5.jpg