Thermal/How To Setup Thermal Temperature Monitoring


This article will cover the Thermal Temperature Monitoring setup.
This will show the Temperature information stamp on the local UI of the recorder when enabling AI Statistics.

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Login to the Thermal Camera WEBUI

Thermal Monitoring Setup-1.png

2. Before getting started Enable Thermal Smart Plan
Navigate to Setting>Smart Thermal>Smart Plan and make sure the box is highlighted and click on Save.

Thermal Monitoring Setup-2.png

3. Enable Thermal Temperature Monitoring
Navigate to Setting>Smart Thermal>Thermal Temperature Monitoring

- Enable, Temperature Control, High Temperature Warning (Input the temperature you'd like to be alerted), and Low Temperature Warning.

- Draw the area you'd like to measure the temperature

- Click on Save

Thermal Monitoring Setup-3.png

4. If you have a Blackbody Box, go to the "Blackbody Parameter" and enable it. Leave the Temperature at 35C (95F)

- Draw the area around the inner plate of the Blackbody box for accurate readings

Thermal Monitoring Setup-4.png