Traffic/Initial Setup

ITC237-PU1B-IR Initial Setup



  • 150x50 License Plate pixel size or higher from snapshot images
  • Car Traffic = 25MPH or Less

ITC237-PU1B-IR Initial Setup4.png

ITC Setup Example1.png

Camera Angle

Pixel Density

Video Instructions

Video Overview-Drone Flyover

Step by Step Instructions

1. Log into the Web UI of the camera by typing the IP into a web browser.

Enter the username/password and click Login

ITC237 Physical Setup 0.jpg

2. Click Config (LPR) to enter the configuration menu for the LPR function

ITC237 Physical Setup 0-1.jpg

3. The LPR Config menu will be displayed

ITC237 Physical Setup 0-2.jpg

To configure the LPR function use the interface:

  • Iden area.jpg - Region - Set region for detection, region is within the red line.
  • Snap line.jpg - Detect Line - Detect line for trigger of snapshot, detect line is green.
  • Shield area.jpg - Shield Area - Set shield area to not identify vehicle plates, Up to 2 shield areas, Shield area is within the grey box.
  • Redraw.jpg - Redraw - Click to delete current config

4. Adjust the plate snapshot position to be in the yellow box.

ITC237 Physical Setup 1 - Correct.jpg

5. Continue to make adjustments with the detection zone AND physically moving the camera until the yellow box is right on point with the expected license plate position.

Physically adjust the camera to complete proper setup.

Ensure the box matches the actual plate position and size in the video.

ITC237 Physical Setup 1 - Incorrect.jpg


Working Examples

Snapshot Example of Interface Current Configuration of Camera LPR
ITC Setup Example4.png ITC Setup Example5.png ITC Setup Example6.png

Snapshot Examples and Suggestions

Description Example of Bad Capture Current Configuration of Camera LPR Suggested Changes
Camera is reading signs instead of license plates ITC237-PU1B-IR Initial Setup1.png ITC237-PU1B-IR Initial Setup2.png ITC237-PU1B-IR Initial Setup3.pngDecrease Detection Range
Insufficient License Plate Pixel Density ITC Setup Example14.png ITC Setup Example13.png Reposition Camera or increase Zoom
Camera reading other text from vehicle ITC Setup Example16.png ITC Setup Example18.png ITC Setup Example17.pngReposition Camera or increase zoom
Capture Angle Too Extreme ITC Setup Example20.jpg ITC Setup Example21.png Reposition Camera to Less Extreme Angle