Traffic/Troubleshoot/ITC237 Overexposure

ITC237 Image Issue Troubleshooting


This guide will cover how to adjust/configure the camera settings to troubleshoot any overexposure image issues from the camera while in use.


  • ITC237 Camera
  • Computer

Troubleshooting Image Issues

Camera Configuration is done in the camera's web ui

  • Enter the IP of the camera into a browser
  • Enter username/password
  • Log in

Overexposure During the Day

Because the sun is hitting the license plate, it is directly reflected off the camera lens, causing the image to be overexposed.

There are several general strategies:

Overexposure At Night

There are several kinds of common overexposure issues in the evening. Here are some general recommendations if you encounter issues with Overexposed Picture using the camera:

  • The influence of the vehicle headlights, resulting in the inability to see the license plate

  • Other vehicles have their license plates irradiated, resulting in overexposure

    • Avoid headlight reflection angles
    • Try to select parallel lanes for installation
  • The camera's own light is too bright or the Angle is affected
    • Reduce the brightness level of the camera light itself
    • Reduce the number of lights on
    • Decrease the shutter and gain parameter values appropriately (generally default values are recommended)
  • The picture is dark in the daytime

The possible reason is that the backlight causes the license plate to be dark under the shadow of the car body, and the car body and other scenes are bright

  • Too much noise in the picture