Traffic/Troubleshoot/ITC237 Recognition

License Plate Recognition Troubleshooting


This guide will cover how to adjust/configure the camera settings to troubleshoot any license plate recognition, no trigger of event, or low recognition rate.


  • ITC237 Camera
  • Computer

Troubleshooting Recognition Issues

Camera Configuration is done in the camera's web ui

  • Enter the IP of the camera into a browser
  • Enter username/password
  • Log in

If the camera is having issues with license plate recognition, please reference the below flowchart for recommended calibration/troubleshooting tips for the listed problems:

License Plate Recognition Troubleshooting Flowchart.png

Overexposure At Night

There are several kinds of common overexposure issues in the evening. Here are some general recommendations if you encounter issues with Overexposed Picture using the camera:

  • The influence of the vehicle headlights, resulting in the inability to see the license plate