Transmission Display Control/PoE Midspan/PFT1200

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  • Support PoE for High PoE 60W high power consumption speed dome
  • Indicator status: power (normal power on), PoE (normal power supply)
  • Cooperate with PoE Extender (PFT1300), able to cascade level 2 PoE Extender, connect to 3 IPC (power consumption <=8W), max transmission distance 300m
  • Installation mode: wall mount

Compatible Body Type

  • X

Compatible IP Cameras

  • X

Compatible HD-CVI Cameras

  • X


Model PFT1200
Ethernet port 1*10/100/1000 Base-T、
1*10/100/1000 Base-T( PoE power supply)
POE Power Supply Support high PoE 60W
Indicator Power indicator, PoE status indicator
Exchange mode Store & forward
Application Humidity 10%-90%
High&Low temperature ﹣30℃~65℃
Weight 390g
Dimension(W×D×H) 150mm×70mm×39mm