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Troubleshoot/NVR/Browser Troubleshoot

Unable to Login from Web Browser

  • For Windows 8 or 8.1 you make sure you IE Browser's security setting are set to low for that IP address.
  • Or you can install client-end software of lower version.
  • It is possible that the ActiveX control has been disabled.
  • No dx8.1 or higher. Please upgrade display card driver.
  • Network setup or connection error.
  • Password or user name is invalid.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Delete any previous version of Web Rec. How to Delete Web Rec

2. Make sure you are using Internet Explorer (Safari on OSX). Not Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.

3. Configure Internet Explorer's security settings. How to Configure Internet Explorer's Security Settings

4. Ensure no Malware or Viruses are installed on the computer.

5. Set as a trusted site. 

6. Change credentials from Recorder if credentials are invalid.

7. Close out IE and reboot PC. 

8. If accessing outside of network, make sure device is set up for remote viewing such as DahuaDDNS or port forwarding.

9. Ensure you have " http://" in front of the domain name or IP address.

  • Eg. Locally
  • Eg. Remote access with open port number if port number is applicable

10. Set IE settings to default condition. Please see below.

  • Click on settings from the IE ➞ Click on "Internet Options"

Browser trouble shoot wiki.png

  • Click on the Advanced tab ➞ Click Reset ➞ Click Apply ➞ Click OK. You will have to reboot your PC for the changes made.

Browser trouble shoot 2.png

11. If none of the above will work, use SmartPSS.