Troubleshoot/NVR/System Does Not Boot

System does not boot

  • Disconnect, reconnect power and video cables to system.
  • Disconnect HDD and boot system. If system boots without HDD, then HDD has failed or is not compatible.

There are following possibilities:

  • If Input power is not correct then switch input power.
  • If Power connection is not correct then switch power connection.
  • If Power switch button is damaged then replace power switch.
  • If Program upgrade is wrong then install correct program upgrade or send to RMA.
  • If HDD malfunction or something wrong with HDD ribbon then replace HDD or Ribbon.
  • If Seagate DB35.1, DB35.2,SV35 or Maxtor 17*g has compatibility problem. Please upgrade to the latest version to solve this problem.
  • If Front panel error then replace front panel.
  • If Main board is damaged then replace main board.