Troubleshoot/NVR/Troubleshoot Blurry Camera

Camera Feed is Blurry or Distorted

There are following possibilities:

  • It maybe that the camera is out of focus. The real*time video becomes black and white.
  • If DVR and monitor resistance is not compatible then use a different monitor/DVR.
  • If Video transmission is too long or degrading is too huge then shorten the distance.
  • If DVR color or brightness setup is not correct then readjust setup or default.
  • If Resolution or stream is on low then adjust resolution or stream.
  • If Image sensor is bad then replace image sensor.
  • Direct Sunlight can cause image sensor to go bad. So place image sensor out of direct sunlight.
  • Try to avoid mounting camera on a metal surface. Electrical bleeding from a power source can cause image distortion.
  • Indoor Camera being used as an outdoor camera which might not have an IR cut filter.