Troubleshoot/NVR/Troubleshoot Date and Time

How to set the date and time

Time display is not correct.

There are following possibilities: Explanation:

  • Setup is not correct
  • Battery contact is not correct or voltage is too low.
  • Crystal is broken.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Make sure the "Time Zone" is set correctly.



GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time.

  • Eastern Standard Time: GMT - 05:00
  • Central Standard Time: GMT - 06:00
  • Mountain Standard Time: GMT - 07:00
  • Pacific Standard Time: GMT - 08:00
  • Alaskan Standard Time: GMT - 09:00
  • Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time: GMT - 10:00

2. Setup DST, if applicable.

  • Daylight Savings Time begins the 2nd week of March
  • Daylight Savings Time ends the 1st week of November.


3. "Sync PC" if all else fails.


4. Click, "OK" to save your changes.