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These instructions are for Generation 2, IP-based Video Intercom Devices only.
Icon Name Generation Technology SIP 2.0 Example Device 1 Example Device 2 Identifying Characteristic PC Software Mobile App
Gen2-SIP2.0-IP Gen 2 IP SIP 2.0 VTH1550CH-S DHI-VTO2000A-S "-S" at end of model name DSS or DSS Express S DSS Mobile for VDP






  • 7-inch Capacitive Touch Screen, 1024 x 600 Resolution
  • IPC Surveillance
  • Alarm Integration and Group Call
  • Two-door Control
  • Micro SD Card Slot, maximum 32 GB
  • Add Devices in SmartPSS via P2P Connection
  • Record and Snapshot Functions (requires SD card)
  • WiFi-enabled and PoE Power Supply
  • Surface-mounted

Firmware Update Instructions

User Name: admin

Password: admin

Use General_ConfigTool_Eng_V1.07.2.R.130304 to flash firmware

Firmware Update Download