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Video Intercom/Products/DHI VTO2111D WP


These instructions are for Generation 1, IP-based Video Intercom Devices only.
Icon Name Generation Technology SIP 2.0 Example Device 1 Example Device 2 Identifying Characteristic PC Software Mobile App
Gen1-IP Gen 1 IP Non-SIP VTH1550CH VTO2111D-WP No "-2" or "-S" SmartPSS gDMSS or iDMSS
Specifications Manual Firmware

Build Date: 07-31-2018


  • 1/4-in. 1 MP CMOS Imager
  • Wide-angle Field of View
  • Night Vision
  • Voice Indication
  • Remote Intercom with Mobile Application
  • Surface-mounted
  • Default IP address

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