Video Intercom/SIP 2.0/VTH and VTO with DSS Express Setup

VTH and VTO with DSS Express Setup


This article will go over the Video Intercom setup with DSS Express acting as the SIP Sever. DSS Express Will manage all the Video Intercom Devices and will receive calls when the VTH declines a call or if the VTH does not answer a call.


  • DSS Express
  • Video Intercom devices with SIP 2.0 Firmware


NOTE: These are the device settings we used for this article
Icon Device Network Settings SIP Server Settings ID No.
DSS Express Icon.png DSS Express

Sip Server Username:system
Sip Server Password:admin123

8888881000 (Call Center No)
VTO2202F.png VTO2202F-P

Server IP:
Server Type:ExpressDSS
Network Port:5080
Register Password:admin123
Sip Server Username:system
Sip Server Password:admin123

8001 (VTO No)
VTH2421FWl image web-1.png VTH2421FW-P

Server IP:
Network Port:5080
Register Password:123456
Sip Server Username:system
Sip Server Password:admin123

9901#0 (Room No)

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

VTO Initialization and Setup

1.Start by locating and logging in to the VTO's WEBUI

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-1.png

2. Type in a new password to initialize the system

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-2.png

3. Head over to the Network Settings

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-3.png

4. Navigate to SIP Server
SIP Server = Disable
Server Type = ExpressDSS
IP Address =
Port = 5080
Username = 8001
Password = (leave default)
SIP Domain = VDP
SIP Server Username = system
SIP Server Username = admin123

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-4.png

VTH Initialization and Setup

5. Go to the VTH and enter a Password/Email to initialize

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-5.png

6. Click and long hold the settings icon to enter the configuration settings, use the password that was entered in the initialization step.

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-6.png

7. Navigate to the SIP Server tab on the left and enter the SIP Server information. Server IP =
Network port = 5080
Username = 9901#0
Register Password = (leave default)
Domain = VDP
Username = system Password = admin123 Status = Enabled

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-7.png

8. Now go to VTO Config on the left tab and enter the VTO's IP address and Login credentials. ensure that the Status is Enabled

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-8.png

9. Single Tap the Settings icons to enter the General Settings. Default password is 123456

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-9.png

10. Navigate to "Forward" and enter the DSS Express Management number for the wanted call events

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-10.png

DSS Express Setup

11. Go to Devices

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-11.png

12. Enter the credentials of the VTO and be sure to to select "Video Intercom" for Device Category.

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-12.png

13. Do the same for the VTH

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-13.png

14. You will get a Building error on the VTO.

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-14.png

15. Open a new tab and go to "Config"

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-15.png

16. Navigate over to ResidenceConfig

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-16.png

17. Make sure to disable the Building Enable button.

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-17.png

18. The VTO should now be online

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-18.png

19. Open a new tab and go to Video Intercom

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-19.png

20. Leave the units for a few minutes to finalize any and all handshakes. Then click on the call icons on the units to test the connection.

DSS Express VTO-VTH Setup-20.png