Video Intercom/VTH Password Reset XML

How To Reset VTH Password via Computer


This guide will show you how to reset the password of a Dahua VTH over a local network using VDP Config.

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions can not be completed without assistance from Dahua Technical Support. Please contact Dahua Technical Support via one of the methods HEREonce you have completed Step 9


Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open DahuaToolbox and click Open next to VDPConfig

Upgrade Firmware - VDPConfig - 1.jpg

2. Discover the device in VDPConfig - How To Discover A Device Using VDPConfig

Modify IP - VDPConfig - 1.jpg

3. Select System Settings section

VTH Password Reset XML - 1.jpg

4. Click Device Password

VTH Password Reset XML - 2.jpg

5. Select the device(s) you wish to reset the password for on the left using the checkbox

VTH Password Reset XML - 3.jpg

6. Click Reset Password

VTH Password Reset XML - 4.jpg

7. Confirm the prompt

VTH Password Reset XML - 5.jpg

8. Use the dropdown box next to Reset Mode to select XML File

VTH Password Reset XML - 6.jpg

The default Export Path will be displayed where the XML will be saved. Click BrowsePath to modify this location.

Click Next to proceed

VTH Password Reset XML - 7.jpg

A prompt will confirm a successful reset and generation of the XML file.

VTH Password Reset XML - 8.jpg

PLEASE NOTE: The next steps require the assistance of Dahua Technical Support to complete the process. Please contact Dahua Technical Support via one of the methods once you have generated an XML file HERE

9. Navigate to the location where the XML file was exported to. default file name is ExportFile.xml

VTH Password Reset XML - 9.jpg

10. Send the exported xml file as an attachment to the email address:

Then 2 or 3 minutes later, you will receive an email with the attached XML file

VTH Password Reset XML - 10.jpg

Save the results.XML file to the computer

11. In VDPConfig at the Reset Password interface click Open

VTH Password Reset XML - 11.jpg

12. Select the results.xml file click Open

VTH Password Reset XML - 12.jpg

13. Click Next

VTH Password Reset XML - 13.jpg

14. Once the reset is successful it will prompt to create a new password for the device.

Enter the new password and again to confirm

Click Complete

VTH Password Reset XML - 14.jpg

A green checkmark next to the device will confirm a successful password reset

VTH Password Reset XML - 15.jpg