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Access Control/How to Add DH-ASC2204C-S to DSS Express


This article will go over how to add the DH-ASC2204C-S to DSS Express


Step by Step Instructions

1. Open DSS Express Client and go to Device

How to add DH-ASC2204C-S to DSS Express-1.png

2. Click on Add

How to add DH-ASC2204C-S to DSS Express-2.png

3. Enter the local IP and the credentials of the unit. Be sure to select Access Control as the Device Category. Then click on Add to finish adding.

How to add DH-ASC2204C-S to DSS Express-3.png

4. The device will go online after 10 or so seconds

How to add DH-ASC2204C-S to DSS Express-4.png

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