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Specifications Manual Firmware

Build Date: 07-19-2018

Note About Product

  • This device can be added to Dahua recorders to view the camera feed only at this time.
  • This device does not have a substream
  • Current ONVIF credentials are unknown
  • Current ONVIF version is unknown


  • Simple access control or external bell
  • Fingerprint, card or password verification methods.
  • Support IC (Mifare 1)13.56MHZ card
  • Add user in batch
  • Camera (build in) support to capture the real time photo
  • Break-Out/Break-In management
  • USB flash upgrades firmware
  • Support to configure timetable and shift standalone
  • USB flash export attendance report
  • T9 input method
  • All users allowed querying his attendance records
  • Within SD card storage photos