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DSS/V8/DSS Express/Instruction/License Dectivation (Offline)


This guide will show how to deactivate the DSS Pro/Express license.

! Note: this guide is for DSS Servers not connected to the Internet.

You will need to have another computer with Internet Access to deactivate the License.


  • DSS Pro / Express V8 Server and Client
  • Another computer that has Internet Access
  • USB Drive

Step by Step Instructions

1.Log into DSS and select [License].

LicenseDeactivationV8 1.jpg

2. Click on [Offline Deactivate License].

LicenseDeactivationV8 4.jpg

3. Click on [Export].

LicenseDeactivationV8 5.jpg

DSS will generate a Copy this file to another PC that has public Internet access.

LicenseDeactivationV8 9.jpg

! Note: the moment you click on [Export], DSS stops working. Make sure that you are prepared for this.

4. Click on the blue link to jump to DSS License Management Portal.

LicenseDeactivationV8 6.jpg

5. Select [Deactivate License] on the webpage.

LicenseDeactivationV8 7.jpg

6. Click on [Upload] and select the

LicenseDeactivationV8 8.jpg

DSS License Management Portal will verity the file and deactivate the License Key for you.

7. Now, you can use the License Key on a new installation.