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How to access DH-TPC-HT2201 from PC


This article is to show user how to access DH-TPC-HT2201 live view and settings menu from PC.


1. DH-TPC-HT2201 powered on.

2. DH-Thermal Software. Click here to download.

Video Instruction

Step by Step instruction

1. Go to Main Menu in handheld device by pressing arrow up DH-TPC-HT2201 Up Button.jpg button.

DH-TPC-HT2201 Main Menu.jpg

2. Go to System Settings, and then press the power DH-TPC-HT2201 Power Button.jpg button to enter the menu.

DH-TPC-HT2201 Main Menu System.jpg

3. Press on the power DH-TPC-HT2201 Power Button.jpg button again to enter to USB Option.

DH-TPC-HT2201 System USB Option.jpg

4. Select PC Preview Mode, and then press on power DH-TPC-HT2201 Power Button.jpg button again to set.

DH-TPC-HT2201 System USB Option PC.jpg

5. You will be able to see your camera live view display in DH-Thermal Software.

DH-Thermal Software Liveview.jpg

6. On the handheld device, keep pressing back DH-TPC-HT2201 Back Button.jpg button to return to live view.