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Access Control/How to Add Access Controller to SmartPSSAC


This article will show the steps on how to add an Access Controller to SMARTPSS-AC and change the Door Names easily identify the doors as we go through the configurations.


  • Access Controller must be on latest firmware or it may continuously go offline. Please check the firmware version of your controller before continuing through the instructions.


Having an initialized Access Controller on the local network ready to go. Please Follow these instructions if not already done so:

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open SmartPSS-AC and go to Device Manager

How to Add Access Controller to SmartPSSAC-1.png

2. Click on Add

How to Add Access Controller to SmartPSSAC-2.png

3. Enter the appropriate information of the access controller then click on add to finish adding the device.

How to Add Access Controller to SmartPSSAC-3.png

4. You know it was successfull once you see the green status with Online.

How to Add Access Controller to SmartPSSAC-4.png

5. At this point we recommend you go into the configuration of each door to rename them for an easier experience going forward.

Go back home and go to Access Configuration

How to Add Access Controller to SmartPSSAC-5.png

6. On the left tabs click on Access Config -> then click on the door you want to rename -> then under the Door entry type the new name
Then click on Save

How to Add Access Controller to SmartPSSAC-6.png

7. You should now see the Doors renamed

How to Add Access Controller to SmartPSSAC-7.png

To continue with the setup please follow these next instructions How to create Time Templates and Holiday Schedules on SmartPSS-AC