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NKB1000 Firmware Update Instructions


These instructions will show you how to update the firmware on a NKB1000 device.


  • Dahua Config tool. Version 5.000.0000000.0

  • Current Firmware General_NKB1000_Eng_V2.620.0000000.1.R.20200221:

Build Date: 2-21-2020

Step by Step Instructions

1. After downloading both the firmware for NKB1000 and Latest Config tool, install the Dahua config tool to your local machine.

2. Connect the NKB to same LAN as your computer via Ethernet cable.

3. Connect the power cable to the NKB. Wait for the device to power up fully.

4. By default, the NKB is set to DHCP.

You can check this on the controller itself by pressing Enter-Select PW with joystick down-hit default password 888888-Enter-then select Menu Settings-Enter-System-Enter-Network-Enter

5. Open Dahua Config Tool and click on the Search Setting on top :

NKB1000 Firmware Upgrade 1.jpg

6. Under password, enter 888888 and press OK (Default password)

NKB1000 Firmware Upgrade 2.jpg

7. Click to open file path to located the firmware here:

NKB1000 Firmware Upgrade 3.jpg

8. Browse to NKB1000 FW that was just downloaded, select and click open.

NKB1000 Firmware Upgrade 4.jpg

9. Hit the update (Operate) button and wait for full install.

NKB1000 Firmware Upgrade 5.jpg

10. The FW update is complete when you see a Green check mark on the Config tool interface and the time and date on the NKB Display.

NKB1000 Firmware Upgrade 6.jpg

NKB1000 Firmware Upgrade 7.jpg

Below instruction is for the Old Method


Build Date: 2-21-2020
  • NKB1000 User Name-Default=admin
  • NKB1000 Password-Default=888888

Step by Step Instructions

1. After downloading both the firmware for NKB1000 and REC Upgrade Tool, extract the files from the firmware folder into the local computer.
1. Firmware Extraction.PNG

2. Input the IP address of the keyboard, and press "Login".
2. Open REC Upgrade Tool and Login.PNG 3. Type Username Password.PNG

3. Browse to the extracted firmware file by clicking "Open Files".
4. Browse the File For Upgrade.PNG

4. Click "Bios" to confirm the upgrade.
5. Press BIOS to Confirm Upgrade.PNG

5. When it upgrades successfully, a pop-up notification should be displayed on the screen.
6. Upgrade Successfully.PNG