Basic Setup/Identify Model and Serial Number

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How to Identify Device Model and Serial Number


This is a guide for how to identify models and serial number on a device.


  • Internet Explorer
  • Active-X
  • IP Camera online
  • Config tool

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Go to Config tool and you may find the model right here.

Identify model1.png

2. Click on the tool icon.

Identify model2.png

3. Click on SysInfo, and you may find the Serial No. and the Device model here.

Identify model3.png

Another way is to go into web browser and check for device model and number

4. Log into the device via Internet explorer.

Identify model4.png

5. Go to Setup.

Identify model5.png

6. Go to Information and then go to version.

Identify model6.png

7. Or you can just look at the back of the device.

Identify model7.png