DSS S2/Client/Download Center

Download Center In DSS Client


This article will show you how to use the Download Center in DSS Client to download recorded video and pictures from DSS.

Download Center - DSS Client.jpg


Video Instructions

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Step by Step Instructions

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1. Launch and Log in to DSS Client

DSS Client Log In.jpg

2. The Download Center can be launched 2 ways:

In the bottom right of the playback menu Record Playback

Click the DOwnload icon.jpg in the bottom left of the page

Download Center - DSS Client- 1.jpg


On the Homepage of DSS Client click Download Center

Download Center - DSS Client- 2.jpg

3. The Download Center interface

Download Center - DSS Client- 3.jpg

Click Timeline

Use the device tree on the left to select the device to search from

Use the drop down boxes in the bottom left of the window to select a date range to search from and to select Record Type (Record direct to server or Record direct to recorder)

Click Search to begin a search

4. The timeline of recorded footage from the selected devices will load in the center of the screen

Download Center - DSS Client- 4.jpg

Click inside the timeline to select a start time for the clip

Download Center - DSS Client- 5.jpg

then click again in the timeline to select an end time for the clip

Download Center - DSS Client- 6.jpg

5. After selecting a time range the Recording Download window will appear

Download Center - DSS Client- 7.jpg