DSS S2/Client/Record Playback

Record Playback In DSS Client


This article will show you how to playback recorded video from devices added to DSS.


Video Instructions

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Step by Step Instructions

1. Launch and Log in to DSS Client

DSS Client Log In.jpg

2. Click on Record Playback.

DSS Playbackjpg.jpg

3. Select the camera channel that you wish to see footage.

Playback Channel.jpg

4. Select the recording disk.

There are 2 option:
1. Record direct to server - to pull video footage that stored to DSS HDD. - How to Configure Local Recording in DSS4004-S2
2. Record direct to recorder - to pull video footage that stored to recorder's HDD.

Playback Diskselection.jpg

5. Select the date and time.

6. Click Search.

7. Click play to start playing the recorded video.

Playback Play.jpg