Doorbell/DB11/Initial Setup

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DB11 Initial Setup


How to setup DB11 and add it to iDMSS or gDMSS


Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open iDMSS or gDMSS then scan the QR code on the DB11.
1. Scan QR Code.PNG

2. If the iDMSS or gDMSS are not logged, it is required to do so before proceeding to adding the device.
2. Login Into DMSS Account.PNG

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the status light before pressing button located on the back of the DB11 device. After the device is pressed, a vocal message will be heard.
3. Pressing Reset Button to Get Started.PNG

4. When a prompt comes up, press "Join" to continue.
4. Join the Device.PNG

5. Setup the device password.
5. Setup Device Password.PNG

6. Choose the WIFI network the DB11 will be connecting to.
6. Choose the WIFI Network.PNG

7. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue with the setup.
7. On-screen Intructions.PNG

8. Enter the user-defined Device Name. In the example, we use "DB11".
8. Enter Device Name.PNG

9. Finalize the settings to complete the setup.
9. Finalize The Settings.PNG

10. Go to "Me"

LincX2PRO MD Setup-11.png

11. Make sure that the Notification Switch is enabled and now you should receive a call notification when doorbell button is pushed.

LincX2PRO MD Setup-12.png