EVS/How To Add To IVSS

How to add EVS to IVSS


This article is to show user how to add EVS to IVSS unit as an extended storage.


Video Instruction

Step by Step Instruction

EVS Set Up as a Network Disk

1. Login to the IVSS

Click Settings (gear icon)

EVS - Add to IVSS - 1.jpg

2. Select Storage

EVS - Add to IVSS - 2.jpg

3. Select Network Hard Disk

EVS - Add to IVSS - 3.jpg

4. Click on iSCSI Management

EVS - Add to IVSS - 4.jpg

5. Click +Add

EVS - Add to IVSS - 5.jpg

6. Enter Server IP - which is the EVS IP address

EVS - Add to IVSS - 6.jpg

Enter the username/password created at EVS for Share Account during the previous step - EVS Set Up as a Network Disk

Click Search directory

Once connected it will show the available storage

7. Check the box to Choose the Storage Pool for your recording

EVS - Add to IVSS - 7.jpg

Click OK

8. Click on the iSCSI Application tab to format the HDD

Check the box to select the Disk

EVS - Add to IVSS - 8.jpg

Click Format and confirm the prompt

EVS - Add to IVSS - 9.jpg

Formatting can take some time depending on HDD Size

EVS - Add to IVSS - 10.jpg

Once complete the State will display as Normal