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Live Demos

Model Image Type URL WAN IP HTTP Port TCP Port User Name Password Serial Number Instant Live Demo (HTML5 WebRTC) Instant Live Demo (HTML5 MSE)
IPC-HF8242F-FR HF8242F FR Product Image.png AI IP Camera 5100 5101 DNA DNA2017! N/A
IPC-HDW8341X-3D DH-IPC-HDW8341X-3D Image.png 3MP Dual-Lens People Counting AI Network Camera 6600 6601 dahua DahuaNA2017 N/A
1A203TNI 1A203TNI WEB.png 2MP 3x IR Starlight Mini PTZ 3700 3701 DNA DNA2017! 4D0265DPAJ5C8A5
SD22A204TN-GNI-W DH-SD22A204TN-GN-W.jpg 2MP Mini PTZ 8700 8701 DNA DNA2017! 4A05A31PAJEAD8E
HDBW4231F-E2-M DH-IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M-M12 thumb.png 2x2MP IR Mini Dome Network Camera 3400 3401 DNA DNA2017! 4D00D26PAGF90EA
N68BR4V DHIPCEBW812A0N.jpg 8MP Fisheye Camera 1027 10266 DNA DNA2017! YZC4KZ078W00018
HDW44A1MN-I DH-IPC-HDW44A1MN(-I).png Eyeball IVS Camera 3000 3001 DNA DNA2017 1G001B9PAW00004
PFW8601 IPC-PFW8601-A180.png Multisensor Camera 4000 4001 DNA DNA2017! 2J0532EPAG00037
SD6ALA230-HNI SD6ALA230FN.jpg Laser PTZ 9005 9002 DNA DNA2017! 2F01685AAN00005
6C230UNI SD6CA230TN.jpg PTZ 4500 4501 DNA DahuaNA2017 2J0082APAN00004
NK8BA4 DHIPCHF812A0EN.jpg H.265 4K IP Camera (People Counting) 1337 1338 DNA DahuaNA2017 2L025E6PAG00002
N25BB5Z-1 N84BB14(I).png H.264+/H.265+ IP Camera 2500 2501 DNA DNA2017! 2L06F58GBP00014
HDBW11A0-W DH-IPC-HDBW11A0EN-W.jpg Wireless IP Camera 2700 2701 DNA DNA2017 2H01383PAG00021
IPC-HFW83A1E-Z HFW83A1EN.jpg IP Camera 50000 5001 DNA DahuaNA2017 2G01692PAW00029

Model Image Type URL WAN IP HTTP Port TCP Port User Name Password Serial Number
DHI-DSS7016DR-S2 DSS7016D.jpg DSS 80 9000 DNA DNA2017DNA! N/A
NVR4104HS-S2 DHI-NVR41A04HS-W-S2.jpg Wireless NVR 7000 7001 DNA DNA2017 2G029EBPAZU0927
NVR54A16-16P-4KS2 NVR54A16.jpg 16 Channel NVR 7004 7005 DNA DNA2017! 2G01682PAM00003
C52A2N HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 4MP HCVR 7006 7007 DNA DahuaNA2017 2G02D43YAZP6389
NVR60A8-64-S2 NVR6A08.jpg NVR 6000 6001 DNA DNA2017! 1A02917AA800036
X72A2A X72A2A.png XVR 3300 3301 DNA DNA2017! 4C028A7PAZ1582A

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