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Models Image Series Resolution HTTP URL HTTP Port TCP Port
DH-IPC-PFW5849-A180-E2-ASTE DH-IPC-PFW5849-A180-E2-ASTE.png Panoramic Enhanced Night Color Network Eyeball Camera 2 x 4MP 4416 4417
N83BU82-B N83BU82-B.png TiOC 8MP 6950 6951
N88BR5V N88BR5V.png Fisheye 8MP 6600 6601
N55CS5 N55CS5 image web.png Fisheye 5MP 7600 7601
N55DY82 N55DY82 Front-logo image WEB.png 5MP Active Alarm Network Dome Camera 5MP 5582 5583
5A445XANR 5A445XANR Product web image.png Pro with Auto-track 4MP 5700 5701
DH-TPC-BF5421-T TPC BF2221N B3 image.png Temperature Monitoring Solution 2MP 4900 4901
DH-IPC-PFW8601N-H-A180 IPC-PFW8601-A180.png Multi-sensor 3 x 2MP 3333 3334