PFM900 Change HDCVI Camera To Analog

How to Access OSD and Change an HDCVI Camera to Analog


  • PFM900
  • HDCVI or Analog Camera (or video output)
  • HDCVI or Analog Cable
  • Power adapter for Cameras over 12 volts / 2amps input

PFM900 to IP HDCVI or Analog Camera Video Test Instructions

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1. Power on your PFM900 Device, if it does not power on check How to Charge the PFM900

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2. Connect the camera's power with the "DC 12v OUTPUT" on the PFM900 or use a Power adapter for Cameras over 12 volts / 2amps input

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3. Use a HDCVI or Analog cable to connect the camera's HDCVI or Analog port to the PFM900's "VIDEO IN" port

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4. Now select "ONVIF Test" and press the right arrow button

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5. You should now see a live video feed from the camera or output video device you are connected to. Press the "SET" button to configure PTZ control, Press the "SCR" button to go full screen

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