PFM900 How To Scan Network

How to Scan Network with PFM900


  • PFM900
  • Ethernet cable connected to network

Scanning Network with PFM900 Instructions

1. Power on your PFM900 Device, if it does not power on check How to Charge the PFM900

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2. Connect the Ethernet cable to the PFM900 and select "Network tools" with the arrow buttons, enter the menu with the right arrow button

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3. Now press the "SET" button to setup your connection to the network

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4. For easy setup let the device Use DHCP, otherwise select static IP and configure your PFM's IP Adress, Mask, gateway, DNS settings, and then press the "+ IRIS" button to confirm settings or the "SET" button to exit out.

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5. Now press the "+ FOCUS" button to perform a network Sniff test, this test will locate all public IP addresses on your immediate network via your devices settings.

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6. The PFM900 will even detect multiple IP addresses on your network! Press the "+ FOCUS" button when finished.

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7. To list the subnet IP's and the latency (ping in milliseconds) to them press "- FOCUS" and the PFM900 will do an active search on your network. once finished press "- FOCUS" again.

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8. To ping an external website such as "" from the PFM900 on your network please open your keyboard and type out the url

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9. After typing in the URL close the keyboard and press the "+ ZOOM" key to ping the website. This screen should show you how long it takes for the device to connect to the specified website.

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