Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection


Perimeter protection adds the ability to use an Object Filter on several IVS features. The Object Filter can be set for Human or Motor Vehicle detection.

Supported on IVS Features: Tripwire, Intrusion, Fast Moving

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Video Example

Live detection of a person and vehicle using the Tripwire IVS


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IVS Best Practices

The installation site and installation type are essential to the final performance, this section introduces how to select a proper installation site and installation type

Suitable Sites

The sites need to provide a large visual field and be open and simple. There should be no frequently moving objects or drastic changes in lighting condition.

These kind of sites are suitable for cross detection at borderlines, communities, lawns, railways, and highways, access detection at underground garages, pedestrian streets, fall detection at lakes, and access detection at rooftops and private properties

Unsuitable Sites

Installation Requirements

Perimeter Protection Installation Requirements.jpg

The shorter the installation distance is, the smaller the arm width will be

The maximum arm width for humans is 12m

Fixed Lens installation distance reference table:

Lens' focal length (mm) 2.8 3.6 6.0 8.0 12 30
Installing distance (m) 6 8 13 17 26 65

Varifocal Lens installation distance reference:

  • When the install distance is 5m~22 m, it is recommended to select the lens which focal length is 2.7mm~13.5 mm.
  • When the installing distance is 13m~55m, it is recommended to select the lens which focal length is 7mm~35mm
  • Recommended installing height: h > 3m and the maximum height varies with different lens
  • Recommended installation angle: 0° ~ 45° (elevation angle)
  • Recommended lens: Low focal length and large angle of view

Video Instructions


1. Log into the WebUI of the device

Perimeter Protection - 1.jpg

2. Click Setting

Perimeter Protection - 2.jpg

3. Click Event>Smart Plan

Perimeter Protection - 3.jpg

4. Click the Light Bulb icon to select IVS

Perimeter Protection - 4.jpg

The icon will highlighted once selected.

Perimeter Protection - 5.jpg

Click Save

5. Click Event>IVS

Perimeter Protection - 6.jpg

6. The IVS menu will appear.

To create a new IVS rule click the + in the top right of the window

Perimeter Protection - 7.jpg

7. The new IVS rule will appear in the list.

Click the drop-down box to select the IVS rule type

Perimeter Protection - 8.jpg

Perimeter Protection is supported for the following IVS Features: Tripwire, Intrusion, Fast Moving

This guide will use Tripwire as an example, but the steps will be identical for the other Rule Types to add an Object Filter.

8. Click 'Draw Rule' to draw the detection

Perimeter Protection - 9.jpg

9. Click inside the video frame to begin drawing the TripWire. Right click once drawing is complete

Perimeter Protection - 10.jpg

10. Use the Parameter Setup on the right to configure the IVS rule settings

Perimeter Protection - 11.jpg

11. To create an Object Filter, check the box labeled 'Object filter'

Perimeter Protection - 12.jpg

Once checked there will 2 options for setting the Object Filter: Human or Motor Vehicle

Perimeter Protection - 13.jpg

12. Check the box next to which object type you with to detect using the IVS rule.

Perimeter Protection - 14.jpg

In this example the Tripwire is set to only trigger when Human objects are detected AND triggering the IVS rule, in this case crossing the Tripwire

13. Click Save to save all settings

Perimeter Protection - 15.jpg