Backup: December 12 - December 16


  • Backup via USB
  • Backup via Internet Explorer
  • Backup via SmartPSS

Activity: Week 5

Dependent on HDDs installed in travel cases


Sales Activity




User: Dahua

Password: DNA999

HTTP Port: 8500

TCP Port: 8501

URL for Web Browser:

Smart PSS Info:

Method to Add: IP/Domain

IP/Domain Name:

Port: 8501

User Name: Dahua

Password: DNA999

This 608 is setup to record on channel one. Login to this system from Internet Explorer and SmartPSS. The time and date are correct on this one. Backup video from SmartPSS and Internet Explorer. Take a screenshot of each backup in progress and email to JP by the end of the week.


If you are interested in learning more about how to convert already backed up video in DAV format into AVI, please take a look at Technical Support's activity for this week. Anyone that completes, both activities will receive a bonus 10 points for the week.

Technical Support Activity

1. Click the download link to download a short video file that was recently backed up from a n NVR:

2. Convert the file into a format that will work on most computers with Windows Media Player or VLC.

3. Screenshot the video playing back in either Windows Media Player or VLC.

4. Email screenshot to JP by end of week.