Troubleshoot/NVR/Alarm Null

Alarm function is null

If you are experiencing a nonfunctional or non working alarm then you might want to consider that the alarm was setup incorrectly.

Resources for Alarm Systems

Possible Problems:

Here are also some possible problems that may have occurred upon setup:

  • Alarm is not setup correctly (event settings can be incorrect)


  • Alarm cable connection is not correct (check your connections)



  • The alarm input signal might not be correct, the alarm input supplies a low voltage (< 2.0 VDC). If you are supplying a voltage in excess of that to show a closed or open signal then you will need to wire a resistor into the circuit to get the proper voltage to the alarm input pin out.
  • There are two loops connect to one alarm device, which will send a false signal or keep the circuit open (check your wiring).
  • The protection zone that the intruder is entering has not been enabled (in the IVS rules setup, and IVS event) the arm function or the intruder has enough knowledge to disable the system. See Intrusion Detect for more details.
  • The siren output device is incorrect on the back of the recorder and does have the warning function setup correctly. Make sure the siren wired into NO1 and C1 correspond with alarm out 1 when configuring your setup.


  • If the detector (alarm input) is not working when there is an alarm outage, you might have wired your alarm input into your alarm output or input. (check your wiring)
  • The detector (i.e. door sensor, PIR sensor) might not be in the proper position and can not detect the corresponding zone (reset the angle of the sensor)
  • The recording system can not generate an alarm when there is something wrong with the alarm signal transmission system (the service is disabled, there is malicious attack and etc)
  • The device is not working, resulting from non-schedule maintenance of the alarm system (has someone worked on the system recently?)

Please Be Advised

Sometimes it is best to call the engineer who setup your alarm system if you do not know what you are doing, as tampering with some systems can set off subsequent systems.